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We utilize speaking forums, small conferences, mentor relationships, community services, mental health professionals, networking events, fiscal sponsorship, supporting other groups and organizations with similar goals, research, and development to accomplish our goals. Resources offered include, but are not limited to:  conferences, mentoring, mental health awareness and referrals, tutoring, alcohol and drug rehabilitation referrals and after care support, career counseling, college preparation, and domestic violence prevention counseling. 

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Awareness and Referral Program educate our youth and young adults on the dangers of addiction. We offer awareness and teach the benefits of stress management, healthy relationships, breaking generational addictions, self love, leadership and good decision making skills. Our referral program seek out rehabilitation programs on behalf of the individual to find a perfect match. 

The Tool Shed – This program serves foster youth (and others) to provide local resources and referrals to help  youth and families cope with life's more vital challenges. These services include basic survival needs such as referrals to food and housing resources  and other critical needs support. In addition, we provide training and resources for Independent living skills, financial literacy and career development.

Honoring Young Lives - An annual celebration of life for youth who have consistently demonstrated resilience, tenacity and/or courage throughout the year. We seek foster care youth as a part of our outreach efforts.

Restore & Unite – This program was designed to support reunification of fathers  and their children. These fathers may lack the skills and resources necessary to provide a healthy and nurturing environment. We provide mental health referrals, financial assistance, alcohol & drug rehabilitation assistance, independent living skills, job training, co-parenting recommendations, and child support counseling.

Tutoring/Mentoring/Leadership – We connect College, High School, Middle School, and Elementary School students together to network, grow, and learn to become leaders.  Academically strong student volunteers tutor and mentor those who are struggling academically. College student studying education are matched with mentor teachers on campus. We work with National Honor Society student volunteers, however high achieving students can also volunteer as a tutor. We monitor success and achievements, and reward accordingly. Our volunteers receive community service hours, experience, and references.  

Entrepreneurship- We provide group and individual informational workshops on the basics of starting a business. We also assist in applying for county, city and state business licenses, provide resources for business plans, start up funding, marketing and individualized business mentoring. 

Arts & Innovation -  We encourage Arts & Innovation through financial and referral support.